Healthy enterprise portfolio management

EBOS Group is a distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products and is committed to building better communities through an unwavering commitment to the provision of high-quality healthcare and animal care products and positively impacts the lives of millions of people and animals across the communities it serves every day.

EBOS Group identified the need to implement a Portfolio and Project Management System (PPM) to improve efficiencies across the business, as well as the following objectives:

  • A Centralised way of working
  • Portfolio Management resourcing and financial efficiencies
  • Central Repository of Projects
  • Transparency of project status with more leading indicators
  • Ability to make clearer decisions based on enterprise resource capacity

EBOS Group selected Exco Partners to implement the OnePlan solution. OnePlan is an industry-leading Microsoft Azure-based PPM solution and the natural successor for Microsoft Project Online.


Exco Partners designed a delivery approach tailored for EBOS. The approach sought to implementation of the OnePlan-solution in a pragmatic and structured method that delivered value early and supported agility throughout the change.

The project plan started with an initial discovery phase, which focused on understanding business outcomes and engaging key resources within the organisation. This was a key planning phase that involved defining and prioritising a backlog of user stories aligned to the business requirements, establishing a concrete sprint plan for which the project could be managed and mobilising the EBOS and Exco Partners team members in preparation for the Delivery phase.

In the Delivery, the User Stories were elaborated, and the OnePlan solution was configured, system tested, and iteratively deployed. Regular showcases were conducted to demonstrate the progress made by EBOS Group and Exco Partners, and adjustments were made based on feedback and evolving needs to refine the solution.

The final phase, Launch, involved User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Go-Live support, during which Exco Partners guided EBOS Group through the testing process to ensure the solution met their expectations. Comprehensive training was provided to Project Managers, other users of OnePlan, and Administrators, enabling them to use and manage the system effectively.


Following the structured approach, the project successfully delivered a well-tailored solution that aligned with EBOS Group’s specific requirements and streamlined its processes effectively. The incremental and iterative nature of the plan allowed for flexibility in adapting to changes and facilitated continuous improvement throughout the implementation process.