Steadfast delivery for enterprise projects

Steadfast Technologies is a specialist technology services provider for insurance brokers and underwriting agencies. Recognising the challenges faced by their existing PPM tool and reshaping the inner workings, Steadfast Technologies have identified the need to implement a new Portfolio and Project management system (PPM) in order to address several requirements.


Exco Partners were engaged to design, deliver, and support the implementation of a OnePlan-based solution, approached in distinct phases.

Stage 1: Discovery

During this stage, our team engaged with Steadfast Technologies to understand their business outcomes and refine the implementation plan. We collaborated with key stakeholders to develop detailed business requirements, user stories, and an epic backlog for the project through detailed workshops. This stage resulted in the creation of essential documents like the data dictionary and solution design, laying a strong foundation for the upcoming implementation.

Stage 2: Delivery

In this stage, our team configured, tested, and deployed the OnePlan solution based on the functional requirements and detailed design. We conducted regular showcases every fortnight to demonstrate progress and gather feedback from Steadfast Technologies. This iterative process allowed us to refine the solution continually and ensure alignment with their evolving needs.

Stage 3: Launch

During the final stage, our team provided comprehensive support to Steadfast Technologies through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and the Go Live phase. We worked closely with their team to address any issues and ensure a seamless transition to the OnePlan solution. Additionally, we conducted tailored training sessions for Project Managers and other users of OnePlan, as well as administrators, empowering them to make the most of the implemented solution and optimize their project management processes.


Through these three stages, Steadfast Technologies successfully implemented the OnePlan solution, streamlining their project management and enhancing overall efficiency. This included a robust timesheeting solution, as well as integration with their JIRA environment for increased transparency on work. The intensive discovery and planning phase laid the groundwork for a successful implementation, and the agile approach during the sprints allowed for adaptability and continuous improvement. With a comprehensive training program, Steadfast Technologies’ team members