our capabilities.


Transformation is a complex challenge shaped by a diverse eco-system that spans customer, people, products, regulation, systems and market forces. Technology is just one dimension.


The coming together of service design, customer experience and more traditional analysis disciplines will define the path for change of the future and is an important tool in balancing the desirable, viable and feasible.

business agility+

Delivery accountability is an important part of our DNA. We respect experience, discipline and pragmatism in project delivery over of the theorist. We see business agility as a fundamental objective to enable transformation.


Data-driven insight is fundamental to our work. Understanding data is critical to delivering a competitive advantage. For data to be valuable, however, it needs to be available when you need it.

We appreciate business problems are unique and transformation is hard. Our business leverages deep capability expertise across the digital and transformation supply chain to bring together an organisation focused solving the business challenges caused by digitalisation, alignment of customer, employee, and business performance.


Top performing companies set and adjust their digital strategies more frequently and focus on new digital product offerings over digitising the legacy
Source: McKinsey, A-winning-operating-model-for-digital-strategy

Transformation is a complex challenge and designing a program of work to deliver to a strategy is hard and risky. It is shaped by a diverse eco-system that spans customer, people, products, partners, systems and market forces. Regulatory compliance is disrupting customer-centricity in real-time. Digital ambition is all-consuming. We think the most transformational activity is overstated. It is typically tackled within a framework of known constraints. That’s not transformation, that’s making something less broken. We specialise in finance, sales and procurement operation transformation.


Business model change is inevitable, the customer is at the centre. Engage your audience, deliver a superior experience across the consumer life cycle and manage costs
Source: Gartner, CIO Agenda, 2019

Customer attraction, acquisition and retention continue to be the centre-piece of most transformative business cases. We see the role innovation, experience and service design can play for a pragmatic organisation dealing with conflicting priorities. We see the pending mesh of experience, service design and more traditional analysis capabilities. We see an industry currently fixated with a title rather than the outcome. We think that’s not quite right and we look to make a positive difference.


Digital at scale demands new ways of doing business. Better consumer engagement, faster delivery of digital products and a sound, secure technology foundation
Source: Gartner, CIO Agenda, 2019

The engineering and delivery of a technology solution are often central to the success of transformative change. The challenges that need to be faced to deliver success, however, are often overlooked with too much attention paid to the technology in lieu of the people, the value delivered and in a method that provides a level of accountability expected of a large investment. Agile ways of working are a crucial ingredient to being able to respond to change and the emergence of complexity however we always respect experience, discipline and pragmatism in project delivery in lieu of the theologian.


Successful transformation is as much about people and processes as it is about technologies. Businesses must take a comprehensive and systemic approach on all three dimensions.
Source: BCG, Take control of your digital future, 2018

Transformative change can only be successful if the change is embedded in new ways of working. We see business agility as a fundamental organisational objective to enable transformation. We see the subtle distinction between agile and agility. We appreciate the business challenges of evolving ways-of-working and the changing venn diagram of employee, competency, capability and technology tools that are disrupting change momentum.


Leading organizations in every industry are wielding data and analytics as competitive weapons. Data and analytics are the key accelerant of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts.
Source: Gartner Why Data and Analytics Are Key to Digital Transformation, 2019

For data to be valuable, it needs to be available when you need it. Why is it valuable, who wants it, how to get it and how do we measure its success are challenges we address. In our experience – integration and data management tools promise “faster delivery: get there 40% quicker!” but it is not about how fast it is built. The best result when part of an overall digital transformation is about how insightful the data is and how to make it available to learn and uncover the opportunity for improvement and advantage.

we believe.

We believe successful transformation is within reach for all organisations.

At Exco Partners, we share an alignment with a core set of values that we believe facilitates success. This informs our decision making, our ways of working and describes our culture. It also provides an insight into working with us.

Diversity of ideas, higher productivity and assurance of aligned outcomes
Accountability and certainty of an outcome while supporting agility and adaptability
Challenging and disrupting the status quo with unique ways to solve complex problems
Open communication building trust, engagement and value for all interations
Building an environment to encourage people to be their best and deliver their best work

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