Independent Review

We provide an insight into what happened, why and more importantly what needs to be done in the future

Our approach

Core Consulting Group’s (CCG) approach to independent reviews begins by gaining clarity of the client’s objectives to ensure we can define what customer success means. Our reviews are focused on ensuring they can achieve that success.  Reviews range from an informal appraisal and investigation through to in-depth research, analytic, comparative assessment (in line with recognised standards), root cause analysis and problem solving.

We use a blend of artifact review, individual interviews and discussions, group-facilitated discussions, and observation. We form hypothesis, and test that hypothesis along the way through independent verification to identify root cause prior to solution formulation.

We regard ‘best practice’ as Office of Government Commerce (OGC)’s Project, Program and Portfolio Management Maturity Model (P3M3), together with their Portfolio, Programme and Project Office (P3O) guides. Both OGC and the Project Management Institute (PMI) have many practice guides for managing projects and programs, as well as specific aspects of project management such as estimating and planning/scheduling. We value the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the basis of project management accreditation. We also value innovation so regularly adjust our consideration of best practice as improvements are identified and embraced.

Capability maturity reviews

CCG’s capability review service is designed to identify organisational capability within project, program, and portfolio management using OGC’s Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) to identify maturity in different areas. We leverage the P3M3 model to provide a guided self-assessment that’s either evidence or interview based.

PMO reviews

We review Project Management Offices, at all levels whether they be Project, Program or Portfolio.  We review specific project standards and controls, reports, and analysis together with the PMO’s charter and staffing capability against recognised industry standards to form opinion as to current and potential capability. Our recommendations for improvements will be practical, pragmatic, and useful; often a combination of enhancements to tools, processes, and people.

Toolset reviews

CCG reviews your existing project, program, and portfolio management (PPM or EPM) systems, including how your teams use them. We provide recommendations relating to integration as well as process improvements to maximise benefits expected from these systems. CCG also assists with user adoption in order to recoup the investment made. A particular strength of ours is recovering poorly implemented or poorly used tools.

Project/program reviews

At CCG, we conduct reviews of projects and programs for our customers, independently identifying areas of risk, as well as opportunities for improvement and an overarching health check. Our focus is on the present rather than the past, aiming to identify what is required to ensure project success going forward. Governance forms a key part of the review along with forecasts and cost estimates. CCG are familiar with the Department of Treasury and Finance Gateway review process, contributing to a number of reviews.

Post-implementation reviews (PIRs)

We conduct reviews of projects and programs after they are substantially delivered to provide an independent assessment of what worked, what didn’t, and where improvements could be made. The focus is on how to improve the next project, whether or not the benefits were delivered and what needs to be done to ensure they will be.

Building client capability

In addition to increasing the capacity of an organisation to provide reviews, Exco Partners is able to deliver an independent view, an unbiased assessment taking into account industry best practice.