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Our data + technology practice utilises a pragmatic approach to solving technology problems within your enterprise. We look to gain an understanding of the desired solution that is stretched against likely future needs that produces the best result for now and an extensible platform for the future. We can help you strategise your data + technology platform against the backdrop of increasing complexity, omnichannel and governance.

Our methods combine the best of leading-edge implementation approaches against a backdrop of the ever-increasing march towards the cloud. In each of our areas of specialisation (Data, Integration and Application) we are capable to deliver outcomes from Strategic through Architectural and finally Execution.

We “break the elephant down” one piece at a time, allowing for complexity to show itself in many areas without creating more solutions than is needed. We will provide options and allow for your decision making processes to fit in our approach which allows the best of our knowledge to be deployed within your environment.

Engineering transformative change

Our clients have often given us the biggest challenges within their technology program – whether it’s assessing an enterprise architecture that can sustain a transformation (and then the roadmap to alignment) or deploying a broad-based API strategy for a retail organisation that allows a wide group of trading partners to move through the supply chain faster or identify the key elements within the data architecture that fit the desired lifecycle and the policies that will support it. We take them all on and eventually provide pragmatic, delivery-focused results that give our clients confidence about the delivery of the final product, timeframes, budget and future considerations required to keep innovating in their respective markets.

How can we help you?

Front-end Presentation / Applications
Utilising industry-leading an relevant frameworks in web front-ends (e.g. React and NodeJS) as well as in applications (e.g. Azure Power Apps) to bring the best user interfaces that deliver on desired customer experiences.
Reporting and Analytics
Identifying the data of value and designing the right reporting formats and support structures to delivery. Separately, interpreting that data effectively and providing insights for decisioning.
Enterprise Data Management
Strong set of capabilities delivering on strategy, governance and quality which then follows through to implementation on artificial intelligence, machine learning, master data management, data warehousing and ETL through to the cloud in Azure Data Factory.
Enterprise Integration and API
Industry-leading experience at architecting Integration outcomes such as APIs and process automation. Skilled across on-premise, hybrid and cloud (Azure Integration) our proven capability has helped our clients get to market faster and differentiated.
Transformation – Technology Alignment
In every transformation across our portfolio the need for current tech to meet future needs is crucial to success. We engage to find those gaps and use our strong data and Integration architecture skills to close the gap to fully realised transformation.
Continuously allowing businesses to seamless deploy their codebase into any environment and maintain the configuration that keeps it operating. Constructing pipelines and templates allow us to focus on maintainability and supportability whilst delivery leading-edge solutions.

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